Various Projects at Fabrica
Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

I started my one year Fabrica residency in September 2020, and I have been leading and designing the new Fabrica website and Merry Fabrica 2020 digital platform, and creating graphics and videos for various communication channels. I participated in a few competitions and released a few digital artworks. I finished my residency with a kinetic installation The Resting Place for the group exhibition WHAT IF? in July 2021. You can find some of the works I have done blow.

For World Environment Day 2021, I compiled a sketch with p5.js, a creative coding environment, that constructs a Shan shui painting style-inspired natural environment in the digital realm. The sketch alters with each viewer’s run or refresh. By highlighting the effortlessness of changing the digital natural landscape, this project aims to reflect the value of our shared natural environment and the commitment needed to maintain or improve it. The sketch can be viewed here.

Video showcasing the concept idea of a new digital service, LEGO Build Up, as Future Lions 2021 competition submission. Visit project website to discover more.

_config.yml Poster submission to Now You See Me Moria, a poster project aiming to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in the EU, more specifically at Camp Moria in Lesbos, Greece.

_config.yml Submissions to BICeBé poster competition. These two posters are sarcastic commentary on the current communication and digital culture influenced by the global pandemic.

Browsing through this dictionary, you can find simple definitions of selected racial micro-aggression phrases you might say or hear. Reflecting and educating oneself should help eliminate these implicit biases, attitudes, stereotypes, and assumptions. This video was produced for the Anti-Racism Live Global Digital Experience organized by @peaceoneday_official, and culminating on 21 March, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, in association with @unitednationshumanrights.

Designed the digital platform for Merry Fabrica, a Christmas pop-up market organized by Fabrica, which honors a curated selection of artisans, designers and artists sensitive to the responsible use of materials and to circular economy. About 60 makers joined the initiative offering a wide range of products, all united by an “artisan style” with a handmade flavor: clothing, bijoux, fashion accessories, floral art, items for children, natural products, contemporary souvenirs, design objects, furniture, prints, illustrations, books, seeds for urban agriculture and even the possibility of adopting an animal or a tree.

Produced for Fabrica Library on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, this video honors the book L’Inferno di Dante: una storia naturale illustrated and commentated by Fabrica.

Generated in p5.js, this video honors Tadao Ando by converting his architecture signature elements into his identity. Part of Fabrica’s artwork collection for Tadao Ando’s birthday in 2020.