Sharp Operation & Extensive Vision
Winter 2020

Design in practica. (Design in practice.) is JoeVelluto Studio’s retrospective exhibition curated by Leonardo Caffo. It is an insight on the ability of design to inspire consciences and move habits. JoeVelluto Studio looks back on twenty years of working activity with examples of design with inherent sense that have the intent to guide the observer’s mindset and daily actions, through a path consisting of eight practices originated from the hybridisation between a pragmatic design-related realness and the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path, whose fundamentals – narrated in eight video installations conceived in cooperation with Fabrica’s artists in residence – should guide ourselves in our being humans even before being applied to the practice of design.

I teamed up with Diego Gil De Biedma and Alexandra Vogel to produce the following two video installations for Design in practica. exhibition.

Sharp Operation: If/Then

If/Then is a conditional statement. By showing non-sense visual advice of acting in response to a specific emotion, the video functions as an outside voice that leads you to not take correct actions. It’s the extreme of looking for validation and encouragement from others, but missing the act of trusting your own thoughts.

Extensive Vision: Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord has to be cut so that the baby and mom can let go of each other to survive. Similarly, ourselves and our predefined mental patterns preserve this mode of attachment in between, and it is unsettling. Not willing to let go of each other causes constant suffering.

exhibited at Galleria Cavour, Padova, Italy | SEPT 17 – NOV 1, 2021

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