Man Ray - Crimes Against Photography Exhibition
Spring 2019

Man Ray - Crimes Against Photography Exhibition was a group project initiated by Digital Art class at Politecnico di Milano with Prof. Vinicio Bordin. In this project, we designed an exhibition that depicts Man Ray’s own unique path of practicing photography, starting from painting to readymades, but then reaching and concentrating on his renowned rayography.

Mixing analog media such as photographs, paintings, and objects with digital approaches such as pixel manipulation and body recognition, we are proposing five main sections featuring two interactive zones. The visitors will be able to walk through the milestones of May Ray’s creation and, inside the interactive zones, users will live the immersive experience of creating Rayographs with objects existing in Man Ray’s iconic ones, and even turn their own bodies into futuristic interactive Rayographs, daring to imagine and push the possibility of Man Ray’s masterpieces in a modern context with modern technologies.

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