The Pirouette
Fall 2018

The tiny little speaker who was born into the world without the ability to dance but we made it possible to do the Pirouette, or, in short, The Pirouette, is a group project by Maria Letizia La Salvia, Jacopo Nalin, and Zhang Zhan. We were given the prompt to hack an item as if the item itself would want to be improved in certain aspects.

Coming from the perspective of a speaker, we decided to hack him following the theme of “fun”, so we started asking ourselves, what would a speaker want to do but yet has not had the ability to do?

Derived from such inquiry, The Pirouette is born. It is a speaker that dances to the rhythm of music being played by himself, relocating the center of a dance party from human dancers to himself.

Our project, through a microphone sensor, is detecting the volume spikes of a song, and extracting the beat while choreographing the dance movement in Arduino performed by the two servo motors. Two potentiometers installed allow a fast and easy adjustment of the threshold of the microphone and the speed of the servomotors, and the flexibility of adjustment perfects the speaker’s dance movements.

The Story of the Speaker


Documentation Video

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The Pirouette Performance

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