Games of Claws X
Spring 2015

Game of Claws X is a cross-dimension claw machine where users control a virtual claw in Unity with physical control components (joystick, a button, and a coin selector) linked to Unity via Arduino Uno. It mimics how the claw machine works in real life, but bridges mythological creatures with user excitement via serial communication between Unity 3D and Arduino, creating unique experiences.

Users needs to insert a coin into the coin selector, which will start one round of game lasting 30 seconds. Once the game starts, they can move the claw in Unity by moving the joystick. Once they finish adjusting the position of the claw, they can press the button right next to the joystick to drop the claw. Claw will go down and open the arms, catch, and go back to the original position right above the hole on the left. The series of actions are executed by a series of animation applied to the claw, which means players are not allowed to move the claw once they hit the button. The 3D model toys in the claw machines are imaginary animals models downloaded from thingiverse, and meshes are combined in meshLab. Each model has two meshes, one of them is visible, which has better quality(tons of faces), and the other invisible mesh only has no more than 255 faces so that mesh collider can apply in Unity, which made the catch action possible.

Special thanks to Bruno Kruse.

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