Virtual Reality Martian Greenhouse
Fall 2019

Virtual Reality Martian Greenhouse is a project initiated by Mars Planets Research and Innovation Institute and Politecnico Di Milano. The project aims at designing and developing the Virtual Reality (VR) simulation of an inflatable modular greenhouse featuring the growing method of hydroponics built in Unity. Technical details were taken into account during the design process to simulate a reliable Martian greenhouse. The use of VR technology allows us to create an immersive simulation of a Mars habitat highlighting its greenhouse overcoming the limitation of physical locations. Wearing the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) while holding Oculus Rift Touch Controllers, Mars exploration enthusiasts could experience the highly interactive and realistic environment, and astronauts soon to be on the Mars mission could be trained better on the subject of operating and maintaining the greenhouse on Mars with the implementation of an interactive controlling and monitoring system for the plantations inside the greenhouse.

Collaborators: Alessandro Ceriani and Francesca Bruno

Special shoutouts to Mr. Antonio Del Mastro, President of Mars Planet, for providing hardware and Martian insights; Prof. Giandomenico Caruso & his Ph.D students, Yuan & Federico for ensuring our access to the iDrive Lab at Politecnico di Milano; Unity/VR content creators/YouTubers out there and VR enthusiasts for their selfless contribution to building a community full of shared knowledge and skills that everyone can benefit from.

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