Digital Design for the Central Registrar's Office of Turin (ongoing)
Spring 2019 - Ongoing

Digital Design for the Central Registrar’s Office of Turin is a group project of a semester-long design studio course of the master program of Digital and Interaction Design, at Politecnico di Milano. I am in the team with Alessandro Ceriani, Malte Simon Christensen, Sarah Anna Melanie Kraanen, and Irina Nikulina.

“Italian bureaucrats would appear to love red tape and have invented official papers and stamps for every possible occasion and purpose. Just finding the right office is a challenge and when you finally locate it, it’s invariably closed (many offices open on a few days per week for a couple of hours only). You even need documents to obtain other documents and the laws governing the issue and use of these documents are frequently incomprehensible.”

Whether being a stereotype or not, this paragraph from one of the “Italy Guides” adequately summarizes outsiders’ views on and general reputation of Italian bureaucrats. With the unique yet extremely fundamental function, the Central Registrar’s Office of Turin is not an exception—long wait, insufficiency, chaos, incomprehensibility are what visitors are going through when they visit the site. The overall experience seems simply painful. With the trend of improving citizen’s overall experience within public sectors by implementing digitization around the world, the Central Registrar’s Office of Turin is definitely falling behind.

In this project, we begin with context analysis to identify user’s and employee’s needs and allocate touchpoints. Then we rely on User Centered Design approach based on a process of design-evaluation-redesign of the digital touchpoints of the Central Registrar’s Office of Turin. They are followed by development and implementation. In the project’s final piloting and integration phase, we test the developed services with a pilot and integrating them with the existing systems.

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