Spring 2017

Swing is a new music interface installation featuring a swinging lantern with elastics. It soundifies locations, acceleration, and also elasticity.

Filmed by Kinsa Durst

Edited by Zhang Zhan

Swing is my final project for NIME class at NYU Shanghai. It is an update of my previous project, Balls, based on p5.js and a mobile device that has the built-in accelerometer. I wanted to this it a step further by replacing p5.js with MAX/Msp as the sound generating platform and adding another physical object to amplify the movement triggering aspect of the project.

In this project, a phone is placed inside of the lantern with the die cut pattern. The lantern is hung by an elastic string. The built-in accelerometer sends current X, Y, Z value to MAX/Msp patch via Open Sound Control. The patch triggers three different sounds with three separate gate/threshold on each of X, Y, Z data. Through this piece, I am trying to soundify the relative movement of an object with the intervention of elastic.

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