Project 1933
Fall 2016

Project 1933 is an interactive installation that responds to 1933 Slaughterhouse in Hongkou District, Shanghai. Blood drops into a black cube and flows to the pond surrounding the bottom of the cube via a spiral tube. Blood represents slaughter and the spiral tube represents cattle walk ramps.

The slaughterhouse was designed by a UK designer in pre-communist Shanghai. The building now has been turned into a commercial hub for creative industries led by a local company owned by the government. Although the space was utilized as a factory and cold storage space after being abandoned as an actual slaughterhouse, its unique architecture style where each floor is connected to an outer shell by interlocking ramps(“cattle walks”), bridges, and spiral staircases designed to control the flow of both people and cattle being processed through the building has become a legacy that has brought more and more contemporary elements into this space.

Project 1933 contains three main parts – IV bucket filled with blood while blood dripping from the lower end, a black box covered with grass on top and twined by grey tube where flows the blood collected by the funnel within the grass, and a pond surrounding the box inside which human figure kneel down. Blood echoes the original usage of this space. Black box is a simplified symbol of the space itself, however, the cattle walks that are going up gradually along the walls of the building are not simplified; instead, the tube twining the box represents since our common interest of the space is the carved cattle walks. The pond echoes with the actual pond at the space and functions as a symbol of a pool of consumerism.

Video edited by Kevin Pham

Filmed by Zhang Zhan

Project by Dyadra Saulsberry, Xiran Yang, Kevin Pham and Zhang Zhan

1933 video credit:

Music: Lights (Instrumental) by ODESZA

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