Airing Dirty Laundry
Fall 2016

Airing Dirty Laundry is an installation that displays live streamed tweets containing the word “dirty” or “clean” via projection on a quilt made of 15 pairs of white underwear.

This project echoes the English idiom “airing your dirty laundry”, which means to talk about things (usually a problem or dispute) that should be kept private. Tweets containing “dirty” appear first on the quilt with an increasing speed, and color of the tweets multiply when they overlap, which applies a dirty-looking color onto the pure white surface. After participants hit the space bar, tweets containing “clean” in white color will show up and take over the surface to “wash out” the “dirt”.

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Built for Kinetic Interface Design class at NYU Shanghai.

Tools: twitter4j in Processing, Syphon, MadMapper, projector, 15 pairs of white underwear, cloth rack

Speical thanks to Professor JH Moon. Professor Antonius, and Joseph Modirzadeh.