Summer 2015

SYNTHESIZED is a bio-art interactive installation that translates the color and positions of baceteria colonies including chromoproteins and fluorescent proteins into sound composition. Integrating the unpredictable nature of genetically modified life with hardware and digital art, this project aims to explore the meaning and implications of synthesized bodies and introduce new forms of bio-data into the sound domain.

The project was built by NYU Shanghai 2015 iGEM team in 2015 summer. Presented at 2015 International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition in Boston. Our project won a silver medal and was featured on Washington Post.

iGEM wiki: SYNTHESIZED (for a better experience, please open the link in Google Chrome).

There are three main components to the bacterial music generator: (1) bacteria colonies (2) tube rack (3) button control. We engineered bacteria to express different colors and lights through chromoproteins, fluorescent proteins, luciferase, and oscillating amounts of luciferase. We then translated bacterial colonies on a plate into a step sequencer, which creates patterned expressions of sound. The tube rack and button control add extra layers of interaction and control, making the user the coolest DJ ever.

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Posters presented at the iGEM Jamboree


Giving presentating at the iGEM Jamboree

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People interacting with our project

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